FISpictureWinter sports have the closest connection to mother nature as it is practices outdoor in the mountains and exclusively relies on its natural environment and weather conditions. Skiers should thus be the most eco-friendly in the practice of their sport in respecting the environment and make sure they leave minimal mark on the mountain.

Unfortunately, even if the majority of mountain visitors are respectful of the environment, much damage still remains accounted for at the season’s end and the followings are no rare treasures on any mountains anywhere: Cigarette’s bud and packs, plastic rapping, bags, bottles, papers rapping, brochures, maps, receipts, chewing gums, aluminium cans, glass debris, etc. Mountains should be litter free zones!

Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 10.02.47However, ski resorts should lead the way and be proactive – rather than reactive – implementing revolutionary concepts which will not only limit impact on the natural and fragile mountain environment but reduce and whenever possible eliminate it! Such growing ecological & economical issues ski resorts are faced by include artificial snow, pollution, development, modifications & infrastructure, use & overuse, overcrowding, exposure, budget limitations & less income.
Please join our efforts to providing support to ski areas. We owe it to ourselves, to each others and to future generations. Respect the Earth and our Environment.

Skinature – made in nature